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Solar Panel Bird-Proofing Specialists!

Throughout California, we see just how much of a nuisance pigeons and other pest birds can be.​  They can create a huge mess!


Roof-top solar arrays create the perfect environment for pigeons and other birds to nest and roost, which can result in an unhealthy and unwelcome eye-sore.

We specialize in keeping pigeons and other pest bird away from your solar array!

We provide a free courtesy solar panel cleaning during installation!

Protect Your Solar Investment

Proudly Serving All of California!

No Bolts or Adhesives!

We safely install a low-profile galvanized mesh screen around the base of your array, which does not affect warranty

with your solar provider.

Before we install, we remove the bird droppings, nests and debris and clean underneath and around your array. We'll also provide you with a courtesy solar panel cleaning.