Safety & Satisfaction

At XPros, our number one priority is to safely deliver satisfaction to each of our customers. We use great caution when working on your property. Our technicians are equipped with safety equipment, should any challenging tasks arise related to your bird-proofing project. We use only the best, industry rated equipment and technologies. We are licensed and fully insured.

Once the project is complete, we leave your property protected and clean as if we were never there!

Quality Service & Material

Our galvanized, pvc coated mesh barrier is specifically made for solar panels. The mesh has a life span of up to ten years and XPros provides a one year installers warranty.

The clips we use to fasten the barrier to the solar panels are also specifically made to mount the mesh against the bottom of the frame, around the entire base of your array. There are no bolts or adhesives used in our installation process which does not affect warranty with your solar provider.

The mesh comes in a low profile, sleek black color from the leading manufacturer in the solar panel bird proofing industry. The strength and durability of the mesh are meant to withstand the elements. When installed professionally by XPros, we make sure the mesh will hug the contour of your roof tile or shingles ensuring that nothing can penetrate through even the smallest gaps. The quarter-inch mesh barrier does not restrict air flow and can even help prevent build up of leaves under your solar array.

Pigeons, small birds and other pests including roof-rats, are unable to penetrate the barrier. You will no longer have birds nesting and roosting under and around your solar array.

If you feel you have the need for additional action to eradicate your best bird problem, such as placement of bird spikes in eaves or on ledges, we would be happy to discuss any possible solutions to eradicate your problem. We can assist with bird spike and netting options.

Request A Free Quote

All of our quotes are free and can be done online completing a simple form.

We can usually process and provide your quote within 48 hours using only your address and internet mapping technology. However, there are some instances that make that difficult and we may request either a schematic or pictures of your array.

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We serve residents all over the Golden State. In addition, we serve some of the country's largest residential solar installation companies as a sub-contractor, covering their bird-proofing needs throughout the entire state of California.

We typically need about 2-3 weeks to schedule you on the route in your area. This allows us to keep costs down, passing the savings on to you.


The clips and thick gauged mesh are made specifically for solar panels.

Cleaning & Installation

Before we completely bird-proof your solar array, we clean out the bird droppings and debris from under your solar panels by flushing the droppings, feathers, leaves and nest debris away. In some instances, debris and droppings may fall to the ground. We will bag up and or flush the debris, removing it from your property. In other instances, your rain gutters can become full of gunk and debris. If you'd like, we can also provide you with a quote for cleaning the gutters, but this is not included it the bird proofing quote.

During the installation, we provide you with a courtesy solar panel cleaning using our water-fed pole and boars hair brush system. Not only do we ensure that birds will no longer be able to access shelter under your solar array, but we will leave your panels clean, producing the most solar energy production possible.

Our installations typically begin between 7-8 am. We will arrive, assess our access points, check for potential safety hazards and then begin the process of installation. In some cases, property on the ground may need to be moved temporarily to avoid potential run-off and/or for XPros to be able to access certain areas of your property from a ladder. Most residential projects are done in less than one day.

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Combine with your neighbors to eliminate pest bird problems in your area. Get on the same route, and we'll offer even more savings to you and them, up to 20% off for each of you.