Over time, horrific odors can penetrate through your homes ventilation system, increasing your chances of developing asthmatic or allergenic related symptoms.


In cities across America, pigeons and other birds create public safety concerns by excreting waste on public and private property. Not only is this a public safety matter, it can devalue property.

Millions of dollars are spent every year in the United States by municipalities to clean up properties affected by severe problems related to pest birds.

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There are several hazardous avian diseases carried by birds that threaten humans and our pets.

Such diseases can be contracted through insects that prey on pigeons and other birds, subsequently passing on the disease to humans and animals through direct contact or through our food supply. These include mosquitoes, mites & ticks.

Serious diseases such as Histoplasmosis can be contracted through the air, from accumulated dry pigeon waste.

Other infectious diseases that can be transmitted include Pigeon Ornithosis (psittacosis), Encephalitis, Toxoplasmosis, Newcastle disease, Salmonella and other diseases.

Protecting Your Investment & Your Health

Aside from several infectious diseases, there are additional health risks such as asthmatic and allergenic complications that can result from a severe pest bird problem. That's why we completely remove the bird waste and clean the affected areas under and around your solar array. 

Aside from the health risks, birds and other pests such as squirrels and roof rats can create major damage to your solar panel system. Birds will create a haven to nest and roost which can welcome other pests, while squirrels and rodents may actually chew through your systems wiring, which can cause severe damage. Bees, wasps and other insects find solar panels to be a perfect place to build their hives which can create a danger to humans and animals. The industry-specific material we use is not only a physical deterrent, but it can act as a visual deterrent to smaller animals and insects.

If you are unsure whether or not your problem is severe, it is always safe to be preventative in the matter. The longer you wait to resolve this problem, the more difficult the job will be to resolve which may end up costing more than taking a more preventative approach. If you know you have a potentially serious problem, we are here to help you clean and eliminate the problem for good. After all, you didn't invest in solar only to have additional problems that can affect you, your family and your investment.

Flying insects can transmit diseases from birds and the disgusting mess they can leave behind.

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